The following resources are meant to assist you with your office questions

Technical Support

Trent Collins. (415) 297-7214‬.


S/N: 8TB608274
Sales/Service: 800-336-1642

Building Issues

Karen Enger for maintenance & access issues – she works 7am to 4 pm, Mon – Fri & email ( is the preferred method of contact unless it is a time-critical matter, in which case her direct line is 650-493-4782

Karen Wandvik for leasing & alterations (including vendor insurance related to the alterations) – She works 10 or 10:30 am to 7pm, Mon-Fri & email ( is also her preferred method of contact; 650-493-1005 is her direct line.

Emergencies after hours – During business hours, please call one of the Karens; after hours, call our main line (650-493-5500) & our answering service will take a message & then contact staff

Legal Issues

William Mcclure cc Loren ( on all correspondence

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